High Lonesome Road

high-lonesome-road05Chloe Newcombe, a victim’s counselor for the Dudley, Ariz., police department, is reluctant to reconnect with bookmobile driver Erica Hill, because Erica was an old friend of Chloe’s dead brother, James. Weeks later, after someone shoots Erica in her bookmobile, Chloe wonders if a phone call from her could have saved the woman’s life. Feeling culpable, Chloe starts to investigate and discovers that Erica had been reaching out to many in her last days. Although the police are holding Erica’s golden son, Troy, Chloe can’t believe the teenager had anything to do with his mother’s death. And Stuart Ross, the ponytailed defense attorney, didn’t admit his past relationship with Erica, but that doesn’t mean he killed her. The more Chloe digs, the more she realizes that the strong, free-spirited Erica antagonized–as well as intrigued–just about everyone she met. As Chloe closes in on the killer, she feels the strain of an earlier death she inadvertently participated in–committed by a man she once loved…

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