Betsy ThortonI was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, the oldest of four children. When I was a child my father’s job took the family to Europe for four years in the Fifties, where we enjoyed the advantages of an extremely favorable currency exchange, so my sister Alix and I were able to attend a fancy elementary school for girls in London, Lady Eden’s and had classmates with Honorables in front of their names.. We then moved to Paris where we attended Cours Ste. Genevieve, a not so fancy French elementary school where we learned grammatically flawed Parisian playground French. Coming back to the States as spoiled brats, we were then forced to return to ordinary life.

I graduated from college with a degree in English, married and lived in New York City, where my son Alex was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in the Village. I later moved to Venice California, where I worked as a story analyst for ABC Pictures, met my second husband, an artist, and moved to Europe. We lived in Rome for a while, then moved to a small Greek Island, Skopelos where we lived for two years and where, having nothing else to do, I began to write seriously for the first time.

Eventually, after a stint in New York City, we moved to Bisbee, Arizona, which was just getting a reputation as an artist community and bought a house for five thousand dollars. I ran Cochise Fine Arts, a community arts center there and also wrote some reviews for ArtSpace Magazine. Eventually I got a job as a Victim Advocate with the Cochise County Attorney’s office. A victim advocate helps victims of violent crime through the criminal justice system and being a victim advocate was probably the most interesting and meaningful job I have ever had. It brought me in touch with a wide range of people in crisis, when people are at their most honest and taught me as much about life as any journey to a foreign land ever could.

My main sources of amusement are my two orange cats; Patrick and Angel Baby. (I dedicated my fourth book to Patrick) and a defense attorney who is very good at home repair..

Betsy Thornton

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  1. Hey, Betsy. Before going any farther (further?), let me see if this gets through to you. It would be really good it you did. love, t. haig….

  2. Hey, Betsy. Before going any farther (further?), let me see if this gets through to you. It would be really good it did. love, t. haig….

  3. Terry Haig!! Wow!!! Karen Fleming’s boyfriend!! I’ll send youy my address at yours. bye

  4. Hi Betsy, As part of that ordinary life in Dayton I was impressed to see your novels in print. As you can see, I now call home those Carolina blue skies. Loved your book and will find the others soon. Hope Alix is well also. Tell her I said hi. "Janie"

  5. since I too am unsure of what stays and goes in these situations I leave you my e-mail. Judging from your response time to Terry I hope to hear from you by November.
    K. Fleming

  6. Send me your e-mail address. I think the last time I saw you was in Bari.

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