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  1. I have read all your books and reread them enthusiastically! The characters are realistic and well developed while the prose and descriptions bring the desert setting to life.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I just started a Reader’s Digest version of your A Whole New Life, and am just really started on it, but it is so good, I went to Amazon and bought all your titles. I never read RD condensed books before, but when my wife’s copies had Robert Crais, Michael Connelley, Nora Roberts, Lee Child, Dick Francis…I had to take a look at the other writers.

  3. Hey Betzy (Betzi)
    Went to Wayne Hi with you and your sister. Read your book and loved it . Married into that mlitary lifestyle–lived in CA and NM but never in AZ. We are both retired now and live in New Bern, NC. Would love to hear from you. Janie (Bobby Rehm’s dancing partner)

  4. I’m reading your book A Whole New Life in large print and enjoying it so much. Your other books sound like just what I love and am looking for. Please, please say that I can find them in large print. Small print doesn’t work for me.



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